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What is a desktop-environment?

  • A desktop-environment is the grafical environment for a computer.(Desktop, windows, mousepointer, colors, fonts, etc..), the most known are:
    • Gnome (Ubuntu, Mint, …)
    • KDE (PCLinuxOS, openSUSE, …)
    • XFCE, Enlightment, …
  • A distro with more desktop-environments:
    • Ubuntu → Gnome
    • Kubuntu → KDE
    • Xubuntu → XFCE


  • Recognisable by the menubar at the top of the screen. The statusbar is at the bottom.
  • The Ubuntu Ibex Desktop.


  • KDE has the menubar at the bottom of the screen as most of us are used to.
  • The PCLinuxOS Desktop.

Special distro's