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Assessment of student learning outcomes is primarily a programme level responsibility. This is frequently embodied in observation, measurement and analysis of student achievement of demonstrable learning outcomes as stated in intended course goals, objectives, or competencies.

An assessment plan must adapted or developed in order to achieve effectiveness, continuity and sustainability of the assessment process. Course outcome assessment activities need to integrated components of any assessment plan.

For this unit two areas will be look at:

  1. Planning and Writing self-assessment.Related Content 1.3
  2. Planning and Writing tutor-marked assignment.

Planning and Writing Self Assessment


  • The format of self assessment tests.
    • Testing content in the various sections
    • Test length
    • Using diagnostic questions.
    • Feedback
    • Validity and Reliability Issues (See Principles of Assessment 2)

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In this unit we will:
  • Identify self assessment tests techniques
  • Design diagnostic type self assessment questions
  • Give examples of what to test in self assessment formats

Related Content 1.2

Planning and Writing Tutor-Marked Assignments


  • Purpose
  • Types of questions / tasks
  • Marking schemes / criteria
  • Preparing model answers
  • Validity and reliability issues (See Principles of Assessment 2)

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In this unit we will:
  • Explain the purposes of tutor-marked assignments
  • Select and write appropriate tasks for preparing tutor-marked assignments
  • Identify criteria for preparing a marking guides/schemes
  • Develop models for given tutor-marked assignments

Related Content 1.4