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Course Evaluation

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On completion of this unit, we should be able to:
  • define evaluation
  • explain the importance of evaluation
  • Mention the timing for each one of the two types of evaluation
  • Explain the procedure followed when conducting evaluation

Bullet.gif What?

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Evaluation is an integral part of the assessment process. It is the method of assessing the quality of the course to ensure it meets accreditation standards.

Bullet.gif Why?

The main purpose is to judge the effectiveness of the course, teacher / facilitator / tutor delivery and other academic support. Then feedback can be provided to stakeholders in order to facilitate improvement in student learning and behaviour.

Bullet.gif When?

Formative Evaluation

Evaluation is divided into formative and summative. Formative evaluation takes place early in the course. Asking students for feedback early in a course can be one of the most effective steps toward improving your teaching because it allows you to respond to the feedback while the course is still in progress. It is also an important way of ensuring that the course is meeting the needs of learners throughout the course and facilitates changes if the need arises.

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1. The best time to conduct an evaluation of a course in progress is in the first 3-6 weeks of a full semester course or in the first 2-3 weeks of a mini-semester course.

This time frame gives students a reasonable sample of how you teach and how their learning is evaluated to make substantive comments. It allows you time to make adjustments and see their impact.

Summative Evaluation

A method of judging the effectiveness of a course at the end of the course activities. The information acquired can be used in revising aspects of the course and inform new course development.

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2. Timing is crucial if it is to serve the purpose. It is strongly recommended that it is done just before the final session.


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  1. Pair Work:
  • Distinguish between assessment and evaluation.
  • Justify why you would want to evaluate this workshop.
  • Distinguish between formative and summative evaluation.

Write your thoughts in your journal.

Bullet.gif How?

The points below cover the four main steps in conducting an early course evaluation:

  1. Deciding when and how to distribute forms
    • Forms for Faculty
    • Forms for Teacher assistants
  2. Preparing and tabulating the data
  3. Interpreting the result
  4. Discussing the feedback

Bullet.gif By whom?

  • Learners
  • Associate Lecturers / tutors
  • Facilitators / Supervisors
  • Administrators
  • Sponsors and other stakeholders

Bullet.gif Forms

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3. Use a form that allows students to report on issues they consider important to their learning.

4. The use of simple, open-ended forms can provide lots of useful comments and suggestions and are appropriate in all types of classes.

See Sample Formsand Check the list below for possible variables:

  • communication skills
  • organizational skills
  • enthusiasm
  • flexibility
  • attitude toward the student
  • teacher – student interaction
  • encouragement of the student
  • knowledge of the subject
  • clarity of presentation
  • course difficulty
  • assessment approaches
  • fairness of grading and exams
  • global student rating
  • Academic Support Services

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Group Work: Use information from the suggested readings / web resources and develop an evaluation form.

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This module provides us with information on how to conduct course evaluation. To achieve this, the module firstly defines evaluation.Furthermore, it provides information on the exact time when evaluation should be conducted.The module also describes the procedure to be followed and gives a list of stakeholders involved. Finally,it provides us with a sample of the questionnaire we may need to use when evaluating a course.



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