Training Educators to Design and Develop ODL Materials

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Welcome to this site which contains exciting materials for conducting a workshop to train educators to develop Open and Distance Learning (ODL) resources. As you navigate through this site you will find materials needed for planning and conducting sessions for training educators in the development of ODL learning resources.These materials have been designed so that they can be used for professional development as well as for personal knowledge.

The site is divided into sections. How one navigates through the site is a matter of preference. This can be done by working through the sections in order or selecting sections that are relevant to your specific needs or interest. The materials have also been designed so that it is possible to download or print for use.

Workshop Plan


Overview of materials you will find in this section covered in the Pre-Workshop Activities-Checklist

This workshop is designed to be run according to a Proposed Schedule

Workshop Modules

Post-Workshop Activities


After the workshop you have to consider Other Activities too


This workshop was initially developed by the participants at the Singapore Boot Camp of the VUSSC, the 2nd in a series of Boot Camps being co-ordinated by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) on behalf of the VUSSC.

This 2nd Boot Camp was made possible and organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore, in collaboration with NIE and COL.