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Today is: 30, January 2023

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Full Names: Joan Wanjiru Kamau Email:


MPH, BEd HomeEcon, Dip HRM.

Duty station

Kenya Institute of Education.


Chief Curriculum Development Officer, Hospitality Management section.

Career growth

  1. to work with the community to help improve lives through better health care and nutrition
  2. become a trainer in the same field
  3. become a team player in improvement of lives for the vulnerable groups

Work experience

  • Curriculum developer - 2005 to date, KIE cnn website
  • Teaching - 1998 to 2004, Karai Sec sch
  • Marking of Home Science practical exams, 441/2 & 441/3


Hiking, dancing,listening to music, theatre, picnics, travelling

Special interests

teaching sunday school, working with the youth and children

Lessons I teach

Community health, nutrition, food and beverage production, food and beverage sales and service, house keeping, home science

Jacinta 85 A
Patrick 80 A
Fidelis 60 B