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(Comment.gif: Great work Telesia. You are well on your way. I have certified you today. Warm regards, Patricia)

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Employer:National University of Samoa
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Personal Profile

Hello Everyone,

My name is Telesia Lafotanoa. My family calls me Sia.


I am from a small village called Vailu'utai in the rural district of A'ana No.3. My village thrives on an exchange system where neighbours share the limited resources they have with each other. The sharing gives village members reassurance in times of hardship.

here is vandalism: Manaia lou


I'm a 45 year old female with two daughters, age 17 and 11 years. My girls take their father's surname Ta'avili. Clarissa Therese is 17 years old and Ebony-Jean is 11 years old. I'm a very simple person who likes uncomplicated things. My computer skills are very limited but my job requires some expertise in editing images and formatting. I'm happy to have been able to secure this job and being able to take advantage of the opportunities that are made available.

My Work

I work for the National University of Samoa and I look after the publications. I enjoy my job but I still feel that I need to be exposed to how other universities process and manage their publications. Lack of funding is the major constraint for me to engage in an attachment to learn more about publications.


I don't think many families in my village have access to a computer. Most of the village children go to the local school and finish their schooling there. Not many are able to succeed and attend school in town where they would have access to a computer. Knowledge from this training would be very useful to my teaching colleagues to develop their curriculum knowledge. Maybe not so much for the Samoan courses but Anthropology and Archaeology Courses.

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