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Contact-new.svg Margaret Immonje
Lilechi and Immonje MMUST ODL Workshop 2008
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Today is: 21, July 2024

My Sandbox

Geography Education

About me

My name is Margaret Immonje and I live in Kakamega , Kenya. This is the country which gave life to Barack Hussein Obama Junior now the president elect of the United States of America. I am a Social Science(Geography Education) lecturer with twenty years experience in university education. I used to Teach:*

  • Geography Education in the name of special Methods in Geography,
  • Ed Tech., General Methods and
  • cartoon construction

Before I came to MMUST, I used to teach at Maseno University at the department of Curriculum and instruction.I used to prepare student teachers before they get to the field for teaching practice. For three months each year, I became the zone coordinator of Bungoma, Bondo and Busia. I used to visit the following schools;

  1. Lwanya girls
  2. St Mathias and
  3. T,. Thresa

Currently, I teach Geography Education at MMUST and the university-wide HIV and AIDS common course. I am more involved with the MMUST AIDS Control Unit and the Centre for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assisstance (CDHMA-MMUST I am aPhD student at CDMHA hoping to graduate in 1-2 years time.

Australian Song

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Waltzing Matilda Waltzing Matilda You'll come awatzizng Matilda with And he sang as he watched and waited till his billy boiled You'll come awltzzing Matilda with me