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Contact-new.svg Godfrey Sovis
Godfrey Sovis
Nationality:Sri Lankan
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My Present Profession

I am a lecturer at National Institute of Education. My main subject is Mathematics. I use my I.C.T. skills extensively in my teaching. I encourage my students to use freely available software to develop instructional material. Last term they learned how to use HotPotatoes to prepare worksheets and assessments. I wish to introduce to them Exe this term to prepare a website (which will run on the local server only) in order to post their interactive worksheets, assessment tools etc.

Beautiful Mountains
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Beautiful mountains in Seychelles I'll give you the shelter

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Other Interests

I enjoy very much in graphic designing and video editing. When I'm tired, I play the guitar. The following is the list of things I do from time to time.

  • Graphic designing using
    • Photoshop
    • Fireworks
    • Flash
  • Web Designing using
    • Microsoft Frontpage
    • Expression Web
    • DreamWeaver
  • Datbase Designing using
    • Visual Basic
    • Access
  • Designing Tutorials and Presentations using
    • Flash
    • Captivate
    • Camtasia Studio
  • Video Editing using
    • Ulead VideoStudio
    • ProShow Producer
  • Interactive Maths Worksheets/Tutorials using
    • Java Scripts
    • Cabri geometry
    • Geogebra
    • eXe
    • HotPotatoes

(Comment.gif: Godfrey, at this early stage, you seem to be really 'in' to WikiEducator ~ that's great! In terms of your interests, or collaborative interests - could you expand on this a bit - if we can connect you to others in our community who share your interests, we will! Please let us know! --Randy Fisher 18:15, 31 May 2008 (UTC))

My New WE Learning Design Project

This project will be designed using the following software programs;

  1. Exe
  2. HotPotatoes
  3. Geogebra
  4. Graphics: Adobe Photoshop, Flash and Fireworks
  5. HTML: Microsoft Expression Web

Content structure of the project will be developed in WE in collaboration with other educators to ensure the quality. Interactive java applets embeded in eXe with activities and worksheets will be posted onto a LMS as a scorm package and a link will be created to access from WE.
For more information click...
ContentDesign:Introduction to Matrix Algebra

The following are links to some "Flash" simulations

  3. Sample Simulations

FlashExtension on WE

Flash Extension

Upcoming Tasks

Some Flash Demonstrations

Flash Simulations

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Registration Page

Register for a workshop

My Favourite Quotes

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Seychelles Country Page on WE

My Country of Origin

I am a Sri-Lankan. I worked as a teacher at Isipathana College in Colombo. I taught Pure mathematics and Applied Mathematics in A/level classes. I came to Seychelles in 1986.