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After completing this tutorial you will be able to:

  • present given data in a grid format as a matrix
  • interprete a matrix according to the given context
  • define the order of a matrix
  • define (a) a row matrix (b) column matrix (c) identity(or unit) matrix (d) square matrix (e) null matrix (f) rectangular matrix
  • add two matrices of the same order
  • multiply a matrix by a scalar(a number)
  • explain the requisites required to multiply two matrices
  • multiply two matrices
  • calculate the determinant of a 2x2 matrix
  • calculate the inverse of a matrix
  • solve simultaneous equations with 2 variables using matrices

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  • basic 4 operations
  • solve simultaneous equations

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When a large amount of numerical data has to be used frequently in the same order and format, we can arrange them conveniently in the form of a Matrix. Some situations where Matrices are used:

when describing about
- road networks.
- communication networks.
- power supply networks.
- daily diatary(nutrient) requirements for chicken in a poultry farm. etc...

We use matrices when solving real-world problems which are impossible to solve manually due to the very large amount of data involved with them. Matrices is a new topic which comes under 'Modern mathematics', introduced into school curriculum few decades ago.