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Ms Gillian Miller

Contact-new.svg Gillian Miller
Website:University of Belize
Employer:University of Belize
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Today is: 31, January 2023

(Comment.gif: Dear Gillian. Welcome to WikiEducator. You are getting there. Great work so far. You are well on your way of becoming a WikiMaster. Kindly complete the information in the infobox to the right by going to Edit, making the entries and saving your entries at the bottom. Warm regards --Patricia 21:58, 8 January 2009 (UTC))


My name is Gillian Miller. I am a lecturer at the University of Belize - Toledo Campus. I hold a Master's Degree in Education with a focus on English, Tesol and Multicultural Education. I teach courses like:

  • College English 1 and 2,
  • Language Arts ,
  • Language and Communication ,
  • Children Literature,
  • Advanced Tesol, etc.

On my campus I like to coordinate events.Last semester we had several panel discussions and we also had a Garifuna fest. For this semester we are planning a Mayoral debate. I am also the coordinator for the social and service committee. So far we have been a part of a town clean up campaign where seventy of our students showed up to assist in the cleaning of the town. We have also adopted a park. We painted the furniture in there and lawn mowed the grounds. this semester we want to add a fence and some lighting.


  1. sports
  2. reading
  3. community service
  4. cooking

My Reflections on Wiki

I believe that Wiki ia a very useful website. For me i am going to use it in my courses. i am going to post my assignments and handouts for my courses. it is also a very good site to share information and knowledge so i highly recommend this website.

My Sandbox

Introduction to Literature

Composing Process

language Arts

Children Literature