Introduction to Literature

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Welcome to Introduction to Literature My Name is Gillian Miller and I will be teaching this course this semester.I must say that this course entails a lot of reading so if you do not like to read or if it is not a habit of yours you will have to adjust in order to survive. You need to check this link from time to time as some of your assignments will be posted here. I will go over the course outline and policies in class. As long as you listen and interact in your lectures, read the assigned readings, do the assignments and the other requirements you will be okay. So once again Welcome to this course and good luck.


(Comment.gif: Hi Gillian, I am looking forward to the literature course you are planning to do in this space. I am interested in developing a literature program for my EFL/ESL learners.--Nellie Deutsch 16:01, 28 January 2009 (UTC))