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The campus in Punta Gorda is small but growing. At present this campus is offering An Associate Degree in Primary Education, Natural Resource Management, and Business Management . Also a Bachelor's in Primary Education and Business Administration. We have approximately 300 students at present. This campus has grown considerably in the last three years. In the faculty of Education we have five fulltime faculty members. They are: Mr. John Nunez , Mr. Anthony Brown. Mr. Mattias Viarez, Mr. Stanley Nicholas who is also the Campus Director and myself Gillian Miller. The Natural Resource Management Program has one Fulltime facukty member who is Doctor Morgan. The Business Program has one fulltime faculty member as well. He is Mr. Gilroy Middleton who is also the student affairs coordinator.

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  • I intend to focus this semester on academics mostly.
  • I also intend to update my course outlines.