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Home page for this workshop is here Learning4Content/Workshops/Online_schedule/eL4C40

Workshop Resources Generated & Report

Expected Output

The expected outcomes of this workshop were to:

  • to teach and train the use of the new Rich Text Editing WikiEducator tutorials 1-10;
  • explore the concept of open education using an open source software platform and integrated technologies in the process;
  • inform about WikiEducator's concept and new developments including inform on active OER content on WE.


EL4C40 was a 10-day basic wiki editing skills Learning4content online Workshop teaching Rich Text Editing under the Learning4Content initiative of the OER Foundation, which took place from June 07-18, 2010.
The workshop was one of the OER Foundation's monthly Learning4Content workshops and was led by Dr. Gita Mathur, Gargi College, India, in addition Patricia Schlicht, kindly offered to assist with facilitating this workshop.

The facilitators used Google Docs to share workshop instructions, to edit and to improve on content, where appropriate.

Participants received instructions daily using Gmail Group emails.

The tutorials and forum discussions were conducted on WikiEducator

Pre-Workshop Activities

Learning4Content Workshop 10-day Online Free Workshop
L4C-small 1.png EL4C40

June 07 - 18, 2010

Korganizer.png REGISTER HERE

WikiEducator eL4C40 Online Workshop - Pre-Workshop Tips

WikiEducator Learning4Content Workshop eL4C40.
This workshop will be held from June 07-18, 2010.
Dear Participants of this workshop, I welcome you all to my page.
Try out the following activities during the Summer Break whenever you have time. This will help you get the best out of this workshop.

  • See the Main Page of WikiEducator by clicking on the link in the box on the left side of this page.
  • Visit the India Page of WikiEducator India Click here and here
    Photos of the WikiEducator India Chapter Launch Programme are here. Click this
  • See the photo galleries linked to my page. Enjoy my photos.
  • See the presentation by Wayne in Tutorial 1 by clicking on the slide to see the next slide.
  • If you feel confident you can even register before the Workshop starts. Click to see a Quickstart Guide.
  • Keep exploring here and enjoy this "WikiJourney" this holiday season!
  • To register on the confirmed participants' list for the Workshop, first register as WikiEducator(see the link above) and then click on the link below.

Please Note: You will get a mail on your email ID to confirm. Please answer the mail and then Log into your created account/User Page using your User name and password.

Workshop Report

eL4C40 Workshop Report
This is the report resulting from the eL4C40 Learning4Content Online training workshop.

Learning Resources Developed for eL4C40

Workshop Poster

here is a poster which was sent to friends, students and perspective participants of the eL4C40 workshop. The poster was also printed & displayed in various academic institutions.

File:Online workshop eL4C40 Poster.odt

Live Session on WIZIQ

EL4C40 had one live online session over one hour on WiZiQ, on Saturday, June 12, the end of week 1. The live session was attended by 23 Learners. Both facilitators attended and presented on experiences, gave guidance or background information.

The recording of the Live Session is available here:

Click here to see the recording of the Live Session

Presentation Slides of Dr. Gita Mathur

Online presentation at the eL4C40 Live Session on 12.6.2010, at 07.00am(IST) at WiZiQ.<Br.> Wiki Skills and Collaborative Development of e-resources:

  • See the full size presentation at the above link and a small preview below.


Outcome and Demographics

The workshop consisted of the following demongraphics:


Participants: 66 (Female: 46 / Male: 20)
Including Facilitators: 2 (Female: 2 / Male: 0)

Countries: 13
Learning contracts signed:

Country Participation

13 countries participated. They were:

  • India
  • Canada
  • Finland
  • USA
  • Malaysia
  • Oman
  • South Afroca
  • Australia
  • Qatar
  • Zambia
  • Uganda
  • Finland
  • Pakistan

Total Educators trained by Region

TO BE UP DATED--Gita Mathur 09:46, 10 June 2010 (UTC)

  • Caribbean Educators
  • African Educators
  • European Educators
  • South Asian Educators
  • North American Educators
  • Central American Educator
  • South American Educators
  • Oceania/Pacific Educators
  • Middle East Educators

Gender distribution by Country

North America

Flag of Canada.svg Canada 2 2
Flag of USA.svg USA 3 1 2


Flag of Uganda.svg Uganda 2 1 1
Flag of Zambia.svg Zambia 1 1

Southeast and South Asia

Flag of India.svg India 47 12 35
Flag of Pakistan.svg Bangladesh 1 1


Flag of Finland.svg Finland 1 1

Middle East

Flag of Qatar.svg Qatar 1 1


Flag of Australia.svg Australia 4 3 1

Workshop Highlights

  • First online workshop with 48/66 participants from one country, India.
  • Certifications Attained:
    • Apprentice Level 1 =
    • Apprentice Level 2 =
    • WikiBuddy =


I am very grateful to Patricia Schlicht for having come in, to assist with facilitation. I enjoyed the interactions and active participation from her as facilitator, and from participants.

eL4C40 used the Gmail Group email as integrated tool to communicate with participants. While I found, it worked well for communicating instructions, I find the flow of return emails not very user-friendly in Gmail and interactions are more difficult to monitor. I also had more one-on-one time with individual participants compared to before where I would have had both, one-on-one teaching time and group responses that let's others benefit more from the learning experience others have.

While it cuts the incoming email traffic a facilitator normally has to manage, I am not sure if Gmail is the most effective way of communicating with participants. It is a great tool for sharing documents you collectively work on (Google docs) such as instructions before sharing.

Overall I am satisfied with the outcome of this workshop and hope to be able to conduct many more. Special thanks once more to Patricia for being the help & support. HER PRESENCE ADDED A LOT OF CONFIDENCE IN ME AS A FACILITATOR.