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Contact-new.svg Dr. Deryck D. Pattron
Employer:Ministry of Health, UWI
Occupation:Senior Lecturer, Researcher/Educator and Public Health Consultant
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My Profile

Professional Background

I am Dr. Deryck D. Pattron. I have been an educator for the past sixteen years. I have taught students both at the secondary and tertiary levels using face-to-face and blended learning approaches e.g. Moodle. I hold at present two doctorates; one in Public Health and the other in Human Resource Management, in addition I hold a Master of Philosophy degree in Neuroscience, a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry with diploma at distinction levels in HACCP and HACCP auditing. I also hold a diploma in Science. I have contributed significantly to science in the Caribbean region by being an ardent educator/facilitator and I have published widely throughout the Caribbean and International. I have written twenty book and published 200 papers thus far. Presently I am a scientist and consultant in Public Health and Management. Dr Deryck D. Pattron


  • Ph.D-Public Health
  • Ph.D-Human Resource Mnagement
  • M.Phil-Master of Philosophy
  • Bsc-Bachelor of Science
  • Diploma in Science
  • Certificates in HACCP, HACCP Auditing

My Interests




Meeting peoples of different cultural backgrounds and diversity.


My Projects

To distribute and share my knowledge, experiences and skills in the field of public health safety and the environment for the betterment of society.

My Sandbox

My Sandbox

Dr Pattron:GMF

My Reflection

This workshop seems to be enlightening thus far.

Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours

  • Hi Deryk, I've been working on subcategorising all of the category pages related to countries into the main category: Category:Countries. The collection is very impressive.
In collecting all of these pages, I came across two categories for Trinidad and Tobago:
  1. Category:Trinidad_and_Tobago
  2. Category:Republic_of_Trinidad_&_Tobago
We would like to have only one main category for each country, so that all of the members and resources related to a country can be collected in one place.
In talking with others from Trinidad and Tobago, the thought is to keep Category:Republic_of_Trinidad_&_Tobago, moving all of the pages linked to the other category into this one. This would mean changing the category on this (your user) page.
If you have any thoughts on this change please include them as a reply to this discussion post.
Thanks so much, --Alison Snieckus 19:11, 24 June 2010 (UTC)

(Comment.gif: Deryk, Hi, I would move the practice of templates into your sandbox, so your front page of your user page looks clean. Go to "edit" on your user page, cut out the "practicing templates" part, Save the page below. Now go to your 'Sandbox', open the "edit" tab again, and pase the content again, then save the page. Done. Warm wishes--Patricia Schlicht 00:52, 31 January 2010 (UTC))

(Comment.gif: Dear Deryk, With a little bit more work on your page, I can certify you higher. I know time can run away from us. Feel free to write to me when you are ready and/or ask any questions. I'll be happy to help or have a look. Warm wishes --Patricia Schlicht 00:49, 31 January 2010 (UTC))

Practicing templates

Template:Template Dr Pattron Adult Learning Resource

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  • Adults have special needs that must be addressed in order to facilitate learning;
  • Adults have different needs to that of young learners;
  • Application of androgogical principles to teaching practices.



  • Definition of terms: andragogy; pedagogy
  • History of androgogical principles
  • Historical perspectives of andragogy such as Knowles and Lindeman

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Contextualising androgogical principles:
  1. Reflection on teaching practices
  2. Think pair-share
  3. * Student centered learning
  4. * Problem based learning

Web Resource


/Publications/List of Publications


To do list