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Semi-automated procedure using apps: AdobeAcrobat, OpenOFFice and NotePad, avoiding usage of sam6.tex file:

STEP 1. Using app. Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro Version 8.1.3

  • Open file "sam6.pdf"
  • Export file to HTML3.2
  • File generated is "sam6.htm"

STEP 2. Using app. Writer/Web Version 3.0.0

  • Open file "sam6.htm"
  • Export file to MediaWiki(.txt)
  • File generated is "sam6.txt"

STEP 3. Using app. Notepad -Windox XP SP2

  • Open file "sam6.txt"
  • Selected all, copy to clipboard

STEP 4. In WikiEducator

  • Generate new page User:Chela5808/My sandbox Sam6
  • Paste-Save
  • Output below


  • Conversion time from Step 1 to Step 4: less than 15 min.
  • Further text styling by hand is required
  • Further [math]\mathrm{L\!\!^{{}_{\scriptstyle A}} \!\!\!\!\!\;\; T\!_{\displaystyle E} \! X} \,[/math] styling by hand is required ( tags <math></math> )
  • Images must be uploaded via "Upload file"

OUTPUT (Before any styling by hand)

Created from PDF via Acrobat SaveAsXMLMapping table version: 28-February-2003Let’s collect all the key equations, which contain all of electrostatics and magnetostatics, together in one nice little box. On introducing µ0 =1/µ¯0 , which is the magnetic permeability of free space, we obtain the standard forms:


div E = ρ/ǫ0 (c) div B =0


curl E = 0 (d) curl B = µ0j


That’s all we need in order to calculate the E and B fields arising from any given distribution of charges and steady currents – throughout the whole of empty space! They contain Gauss’s law, Amp`ere’s law, and everything we’ve done so far, including the applications we’ve made to particular systems like charged spheres and plates. current-carrying wires, and so on.