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First of all I would congratulate Harbans ji, Sebastian ji, Balqis, and Jonas for getting WikiBuddy certifications though their proactive participation in the WikiBuddy certification guidance week held from 23-04-2012 to 29-04-2012 . They were the only participants (excluding a new user as the event was for Wiki Apprentices). I also thank other three colleagues who encouraged the event by offering facilitation support immediately on announcing the event and Dr. Wayne for his moral support.

Based on the thoughts and wiki conversations during the past week, I would like to ask the community Shall we establish a WikiEducator Community College for our WikiEducator members and those who aspire to join the WE community?. The abstract ideas are given below:

  • The Objectives of the Community College Would be to:
    • conduct L4C as a regular course
    • conduct regular courses on Open Licensing
    • provide regular mentoring and certification services for wiki skills development
    • provide opportunity to the community members to request mentoring of experienced community memebrs
    • provide facility for conducting pedagogical experiments/ run pilot courses for OERu implementation

and more.....

  • The WE Community members having wiki skill certification of and above the level of WikiBuddy can by option register as a Community College Tutor/Mentor
  • The registered tutors/mentors wold elect an Academic Council for a 2 or three year term
  • The Academic Council will Coordinate the functions of the Community College
  • The Academic Council will prepare Academic Calender for each academic year in consultation with the registered tutors/mentors, WE community and WE Community Council
  • The Academic Council will introduce new WE Community Courses in consultation with the registered tutors/mentors, WE community and WE Community Council
  • ...and more..

Your thoughts?