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Process to convert eXe files to Media Wiki:

  1. Go to HTML Tidy Online (,
  2. upload html file from local drive (or website),
  3. click the "Tidy" Button on the right hand side (about half the way down the page)
  4. Wait. It gives you a validation page. Ignore this
  5. Click 'View Tidied HTML'
  6. Select all
  7. Copy
  8. Go to html2wiki
  9. Paste
  10. Check that it's set for MediaWiki
  11. Click Convert HTML to wiki mark up
  12. Copy Wiki markup from top window
  13. Go to wiki educator page and paste.
  14. Clean up.

For experienced HTML editors

  1. Open file in text editor
  2. Select all
  3. copy
  4. Go to 8 above.