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Contact-new.svg Abdulmalik Yusuf Ofemile
Employer:FCT College of Education, Zuba Abuja Nigeria
Occupation:Teacher, Teacher trainer, ICT Dabbler
Other roles:PhD Candidate School of English, University of Nottingham, UK
Languages:English, Hausa, Okpella
Skype address:abdulmalikoyusuf
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My Profile

Teacher of English, Teacher trainer, ICT specialist, Researcher, Financial and management consultant

My Interests include Integration of ICT into education, Collaborative development of resources, Corpus Linguistics Research into Ethnographic and Sociological Aspects of ICT and education, Human-Agent Multimodal Interaction in Hybrid contexts


My Project is concerned with Assessing the Affordances and Disaffordances of Cloud computing tools in Distance learning.

My Sandbox

My sandbox

My Reflections and hope is using ICT to build bridges across the several divides. This I hope will contribute to the reasoned and informed development of free resources for teachers all over the world.

Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours

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Welcome to eL4C38

  • Hello and welcome to eL4C38, a free online Learning4Content wiki skills workshop.
  • You may wish to check the Daily Instructions for the workshop, introduce yourself, and check the list of participants.
  • Whenever you have the time, click on each of the above links and/or start ahead of time with the workshop.
  • Enjoy the workshop :-)
Your facilitators:

EL4C38 WiZiQ Meeting
Specialties.png Wiki Skills & Collaborative Learning
Saturday, May 29, 2010
1:00pm GMT

I am looking forward to learning form this programme and transferring what i have learnt from everybody into a project that will 
deepen and widen wiki and open content resources for teachers in Nigeria and the rest of the world.