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Any luck embedding in Blackboard?

I'm thinking of using WikiEducator as an alternative to LMS, but would rethink if I could use Blackboard as a kind of way in to WE.

Thanks, Peter

Wilkinsp (talk)09:45, 27 August 2011

Hi Peter,

I've never used Blackboard (I use Sakai and Moodle), but I'd expect it would work similarly.

The instructions for embedding wikieducator pages into a webpage, generally, is on the Help:Links page. I'm not sure what the first phrase means "If you browse with Javascript enabled..." but I've not had any trouble accessing the code to put on an LMS page. I use the code under "IFrame snippet to this page" as I always want to display the most recent version of the page. If you have trouble with it, post to the google group, or contact User:JimTittsler.

There are some wikieducators who have their students work directly in the wiki. I believe that Valerie Taylor and Ben Stewart have students who are currently actively contributing. You might want to contact them to hear about their experience, pros and cons.

Good luck, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)10:26, 28 August 2011

Thanks Allison. I'll see what I can do. Peter

Wilkinsp (talk)11:32, 5 September 2011