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I do want to create a statistics tutorial. I'd love for you to help. I look forward to that day. My thought now is to make the tutorial(s) as modular as possible, so others can use the same modules. I read with great interest the discussion of sectional transclusion and I checked out your trial transclusion. I think this will be key to making targeted tutorials. So, while I wait for the needed wikimedia add-on, I'm working on the basic info.

Hands-on work will be a key part of any statistics tutorial. I'm wondering if it would be useful to make a bank of hands-on activities to go with different topics. It would be organized like the glossary, but the contents would be directions for how to do something. I think this is where the "how to create a histogram" write-up should go.

What do you think of making a "Learn by Doing" repository?


ASnieckus (talk)14:09, 5 March 2009

I've got your point.

You know I'm not a regular teacher, I tutor people, so I've found very helpful to develop bits of knowledge (like Math Glossary and Math Tables and Formulas), so I can pick up exactly what I need for each tutee's specific requirements. I also have a collection of solved exercises for several math problems. Bits of knowledge can be more easily reusable for several projects which make them valuable for WikiEducator.

I think your approach meet our goals for developing reusable resources. Why don't you start the pilot project?


Chela5808 (talk)16:04, 5 March 2009

I'm not a regular teacher either -- and not really a tutor. But starting next fall I'm hoping to get first hand experience being an instructor for a group of students. I've decided to offer an online stats class (with a once per week in person session) to interested students in my area -- will likely be all homeschoolers. I'm going to use the Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiatives Statistics course. I really like the course content (straight forward language, emphasis on concepts and interpretation, examples and hands-on activities are based on real data, integrated self-assessment questions), but the delivery system is very controlled and doesn't allow integration with outside content. I wish the course was really 'open' like their title suggests. I'm needing to make a number of modifications and will have to organize and communicate these from outside their system -- not the best setup. I'm hoping I can translate my experience with their really wonderful content into content for WE.

So on a statistics subpage to my user page, I've started thinking and writing about how to design statistics content. I guess I'll see where I go.

Thanks for the encouragement!


ASnieckus (talk)08:26, 18 March 2009