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I have come up with a fix that is not very satisfying. The User Researcher template must be first in the list of boxes and it must be on the same line as Box= . If there is a carriage return after Box= there are problems. Putting a non-breaking space after Box= will work if the template follows a carriage return. This could be a headache for novice users.

Kruhly (talk)22:04, 16 February 2008

Rob, it's probably something with the table syntax getting confused with the template syntax, eh?

BrentSimpson (talk)18:01, 19 February 2008

It think the parsing of templates inside templates is pretty complex especially if they are both tables. It looks like wrapping the table in a div works for the problem cases mentioned above and it solves the problems we have been having since the upgrade. Not sure what other problems it will cause in the future ...

Kruhly (talk)22:19, 19 February 2008