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Hi Alison, Yes that is a good idea, we do need categorisation. I agree with the system you suggest. I can also add the region (in this case Oceania) as a separate category.

Thanks for introducing eto this! David

Leeming (talk)14:53, 3 February 2010


Great. I'll add the codes and rework the categories. Good idea to add the regional category Oceania. We have a number of uncategorised categories that would fit well into regions.

I've been wondering what category we should use as a parent to Category:Countries, and a new Category:Regions, to collect the various regions. The children in these categories contain a mix of learning resources, projects, and users connected in some way to that place (unlike in Wikipedia where these kinds of categories contain only articles about that topic). Any thoughts on how this branch might layout are much appreciated.


ASnieckus (talk)01:35, 4 February 2010