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Hi Rashmi,

I suggest creating a page for each separate activity, or group of activities, which can be used to understand a particular concept. It seems to me that the activities on this page are useful to understand cubic identities. I suggest putting these activities on a page that begins with the math concept ("Cubic identities") and then includes a short phrase about the activity (e.g., "building cubic polynomials with unit cubes") I'm not an expert in this area of math, so my suggested titles might not be right. You could either make this new page directly and then copy and past the wiki code on this page to the new page, or you can move this page to the new title (using the move tab displayed above the edit window). The move function will move the history and talk to the new page.

As for what to include on the activity page, that depends on whether you think the page will be used by teachers or students. Some of my materials are designed for direct use by students, others (in fact, most of the activities) are designed more for teachers to implement in-person with students.

You had included a pdf showing pictures of the cubes in an earlier version of the page. One option is to recreate the contents of the pdf on the wiki. This way it's easy to update as you or others get new ideas.

I'm not sure how to use the current page, as different areas of the world do different things in Grade 9. However, I think it would be useful to have a page that listed the available hands on mathematics materials for an area of mathematics...maybe a page for the different ideas included in a course on algebra. We can think further on the usefulness of this, as categories are easy to implement and automatically list all of the pages within.

Hope this helps.


ASnieckus (talk)14:39, 1 October 2011

Thanks Alison for clearing my aprehensions about the front page. You are right in saying that grade 9 activities may differ from country to country. The better thing would be to make it a general element. Yes, I will recreate it and make a new version of it. Please visit New link
Rashmi Kathuria--Rashkath 17:42, 1 October 2011 (UTC)

Rashkath (talk)06:42, 2 October 2011

Hi Rashmi,

Yes, the new page is a great way to establish the basis for your project. I see that you moved the page (because the history is now moved). Interesting that the move didn't move this discussion. No matter.

I think this page is now not needed. You can request that this page be deleted by putting the template text {{delete}} on the page. You can read about this template at Template:Delete. Administrators regularly check for these and delete the pages as requested.

The only downside to deleting will be the loss of this conversation, but I don't think it's a very big loss (and if you want you can make a copy of it over on the new page...but I'm fine if it's just lost.)

Glad the project is moving along. Alison

ASnieckus (talk)15:06, 3 October 2011