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Hi Markos,

Randy forwarded me a message you had sent him through the Wiki talk pages asking about certification. You have already been certified an Apprentice level 2 by Wayne. If you want to go higher you need to fulfill all requirements of a WikiBuddy. See here the levels of requirements: http://www.wikieducator.org/WikiMaster

On another delicate subject: I am not sure how to say this, but the Microsoft Office "How to.." guides you have on your user page should really not be on WikiEducator. This is an free/libre open source software environment, which Microsoft is not and you have lessons on your user page that explains how to use Microsoft software. Our community uses open source software like Open Office, not MS Office. See the link I posted this morning. Hope this helps.

Warm regards, Patricia

Pschlicht (talk)09:34, 1 April 2008

Hi Patricia.
Thank you for your nice words and show me what I need to do about with wiki educator so what should I do to fix this problem about on-line pages, also I would like to told you that about the download files as free ware. I mean that every one can have it all he needs it to download, any how I will wait your reply, and I can remove image that I uploaded. Through the free ware samples any user can find help and know how to use any word processor. Kindly reply to me.
Worm regards.

Markos.awdalla (talk)17:59, 1 April 2008

Hi patrica,
Sorry I was too late but I had maked changed about Microsoft so I had updated my lesson and make it open oddice, any how Hope to keep in touch as usual as I feel you are very busy wish to keep in touch lake before.
My best regards.

Markos.awdalla (talk)05:53, 9 April 2008