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Hi Pschlicht I am Dr Poonam Sharma and I sincerely wish to get your valuable comments on my page. I look forward to your suggestions! Regards

Dr. Poonam Sharma (talk)23:01, 14 February 2009

Hi Patricia, and thanks again for certifying me as a Buddy. I would like to nominate User:Dr. Poonam Sharma for Featured User Page. I think it has very excellent information about the User and great use of colors and graphics. As an evolutionary biologist I would also like to mention that the quality of the Biology and Computational Biology information on Dr. Sharma's Userpage is excellent. Dr. Sharma, despite being a new user, has already made good contributions to the WikiEducator resources in these areas. This Userpage is much more focused on original, professional-caliber research than any of the existing Featured Userpages, and I think academic research is a very important mission of WikiEducator. --AFriedman 14:12, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

AFriedman (talk)03:12, 24 February 2009

Dear Anne, The pleasure is all ours. Glad you are part of this wonderful community. Looking forward to your continuting contributions to the community. Warm regards, Patricia

Pschlicht (talk)11:43, 27 February 2009

Dear Poonam, I will have a look. Warm regards, Patricia

Pschlicht (talk)11:43, 27 February 2009