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Dear Pschlicht,
I want to organise face to face workshop.I think I need wikiartisan certification except lot of other requirements and preparations.I see no strict guidelines for certifications.Please guide me.--Hemrom 17:43, 30 October 2008 (UTC)

Hemrom (talk)06:43, 31 October 2008

Dear Hemrom,

Please refer to this webpage for info on facilitation: www.wikieducator.org/Learning4Content/Facilitators. It will give the necessary information which would be too long to write in an email. Start with "expressing your interest" under the link mentioned above. As for guidelines regarding certification, we do have it, have a look here: www.wikieducator.org/WikiMaster. If you have further questions, please write to me via email: pschlicht@col.org. Warm regards, Patricia

Pschlicht (talk)07:03, 31 October 2008