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Contact-new.svg Letare Hemrom
Employer:Tatasteel Ltd.
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Date & Time : 15, April 2024 22:31


Hi I am Letare and this is my little page. I live in Jamshedpur,India.I am a Master of distance education and did PG diploma in e learning from IGNOU.

As a part of course I have developed an online courses

Educating Teacher educators

ICT in teacher education

my profile

I am a technocrat and have been working in tatasteel for more than 24 years.Though I am a technocrat I did my graduation in english and masters in distance education from ignou.I want to contribute as a distance educator to help tatasteel exploit the benefit of distance education to be a knowledge based steel industry.

my webpage
My career interest:

  • E-learning
  • Distance learning and Innovative Learning
  • Education Management
  • Instruction Designing
  • educational Counsellling.

Educational Qualification


  • Becoming a Resilient Person: The Science of Stress Management and Promoting Wellbeing from UWashingtonX
  • Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge and Consciousness from MITx
  • Post graduate Diploma in E-Lerning 74% from IGNOU
  • UGC NET(Education)June 2012
  • National Online Training on Development of Self-Learning Materials certificate
  • Master of arts in Distance education from Indira Gandhi National Open University with B grade
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education from Indira Gandhi National Open University with B grade
  • Bachelor degree in English from Indira Gandhi National Open University with 59 %
  • Higher Secondary (I.Sc) from BS City School Sector -3,Bokaro, with 59%
  • Matriculation from BSL high School Sector-12,Bokaro,with 71%

Academic Projects

  • Project on “Study of perusal and educational characteristics of distance learners working in TATA STEEL” under guidance of Dr.C.R.K. Murthy,Reader(Distance Education),Staff Training And Research Institute Of Distance Education, IGNOU

Application-Orianted Course

  • Translation (8 credit) course in Bachelor degree

Vocational training National Apprenticeship Certificate from National Council For vocational training with 76 %
Computer Skills

  • SAP
  • Content development tool:EXE
  • Content development tool:Freemind
  • Operating systems:Window
  • Language :HTML
  • Autocad
  • Camtasia


  • Participation in national Online Training On Development Of Self-learning material Organised by Staff Training And Researchinstitute Of Distance Education,IGNOU,New Delhi Between August 4-September 26,2008.In this programme My topic was SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION.
  • Judged second in Safety Quiz competition 1998,Iron And Steel Group,Tata Steel.
  • Successfully completed Tata Steel Adventure Foundation’s 38 th “outdoor training” for HRD skills for personal development and character building,team development,manager development and managing changed in uncertainty,through the processes of group work.

Professional Experience

  • Apprenticeship in Tata Steel September 1992- September 1995
  • Working in TATA STEEL Since 1996 till date.At present as a Sr.Associate Mech.maint.
  • Educational Counselling on honorary basis.
  • Teaching English since 2000 on honorary basis.


I joined Wikieducator in 2008 July.I am interested in supporting WOLA in E-Learning,Open Licencing,Evaluation,Instructional Design.I promote WikiEducator online Face to Face.I have developed a course module [1].I believe in open system and collaboration.Together we can achieve anything.

my interest and creativity

I love to study and teach education.I used to read books journals of education and surf [2]related to education.

  1. sociology of education
  2. curriculum development
  3. intelligence
  4. evaluation
  5. e-learning
  6. instructional design
    1. slm
    2. conventional learning material
  7. Management of Distance Education/Higher Education

my first mind map
Practical approach to evaluation process
my online school

useful links

Full Web Building Tutorials
online teaching/learning source
E-Network on Educational Planning & Management
open learning resource
virtual centre for constructionism in eduction
virtual Center for Educational Innovation
virtual Center for Teacher Education
virtual Center for Technology in Education
Lifelong learning
National programme on tech. enhanced learning
online school
Ignou Moodle

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my current assignments:
  1. developing e-learning material Sociology of education completed --Hemrom 06:57, 29 September 2008 (UTC)
  2. promoting wikieducator L4C

leave me a message

leave me a message....

my images

my templates my scraps
html practise page

(Comment.gif: Great page ~ welcome to our growing community! --Randy Fisher 01:51, 18 July 2008 (UTC))|}|}|}|}|}|}