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Thanks - but this would not work for an interactive demo and hands on tutorial.

The idea is to have a complete installation of WikiEducator to serve up on a local network.

I understand there is work going on to allow delayed synchs ... e.g. if we did have people updating a local installation, and connectivity became available intermittently (as is quite common in Africa for example) the system would accommodate synchronisation. Although simple for entirely new pages, for frequently edited pages the enhancement would require a means of allowing people to select from multiple possible edit paths retrospectively. A challenging project! Kim 15:35, 2 December 2007 (CET)

Ktucker (talk)09:59, 3 December 2007

Kim: Definitely a challenging project ... but one that came up multiple times during the Tectonic Shift Think Tank in April this year. Could also allow for offline editing as well. Currently there is not an easily downloadable version of WikiEd content, but perhaps there should be.

BrentSimpson (talk)09:59, 3 December 2007