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So, I'm a scientist and you guys have some great math resources building here. I was wondering if there were specific data types that may be of use in some sort of math/science interphase project? By way of example I have very simple primary-school projects such as Snow_graphing; I'm also part of the team generating environmental data from several Vermont streams here. My elementary educators are about to start their next set of 11 lesson plans; I could offer extra credit for any folks who make a strong mathematical connection based upon some of your learning objectives aimed at primary-school. Let me know if any of this may be of interest. Dmccabe 01:39, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

Dmccabe (talk)13:39, 4 February 2009

Hi Declan,

Your proposal sounds very interesting.

Alison, let me introduce you to Declan. He is doing an inspiring job, he's involving his students and other teachers to WikiEducator. Declan works with kids of elementary and secondary grade. He's also administrator of WE and a very pro buddy. I have learned lots from Declan.

I am sure we can collaborate in a math/science project. What do you think Alison?

Cheers, Gladys G. --chela5808 04:39, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

Chela5808 (talk)16:39, 4 February 2009

Hi Declan, I think you were the first to post on my user talk page. There was a greeting and some instructions which all made sense to me, but I didn't get at first that the line underneath starting with Dmccabe... was for the person that put it there? I kept wondering how your "tag line" got there. Did I put it there (cause I had already happened across your user page)? hehe. By the way, I help my son do biological sampling with the New Jersey Streamwatch program.

Well the first thing that comes to mind is real datasets. I was working on standard deviation last night and wondering about whether to include a more realistic example that would have a description of where the dataset came from. Statistics is all about interpreting data, so it seems to me having examples that have real meaning would be better for people trying to learn the concept.

Is the snow graph based on a set of data points? Are there datasets from the macroinvertebrate collections?

I think there's good potential for the collaboration. Thanks.

--Alison Snieckus 18:30, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

ASnieckus (talk)06:30, 5 February 2009