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Could we correct the conflicting information under 1) "Approval of charter" and "Voting for the Charter" with your signature. It says due 1) by August 5, 2009 and the deadline is passed but the voting is still open. Tks,--Patricia 23:58, 11 August 2009 (UTC)

Pschlicht (talk)12:58, 12 August 2009


Good catch. I added a note following the original due date indicating that the approval vote has been extended. I didn't put in a new due date, to avoid missing that one as well. I'll email the few participants who haven't approved the charter to encourage them to do so or indicate their points of dissension in a discussion post.

And you've got me wondering if strict due dates are less practical for use with a group of volunteers collaborating across time and space. Maybe we should have "aiming to be done by" dates. Hmmm.


ASnieckus (talk)06:11, 15 August 2009