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  A small doubt about giving links to my learning resourses [edit]

Dear Michael,
                 It's my pleasure to be a part of this wonderful and highly innovative group of eminent educators .I have been giving free classes online in areas of Psychology,Educational Psychology and English.I would like to share those classes as a part of the free content /lesson plan that I developed for WE.These classes are extremely useful for prospective teachers and trainers in the field of education.I wanted to clear a doubt whether I should provide the complete video lecture through uploading it in to WE or is it ok to give the link to that website ?
                        I know you have been very inspirational to people like me through your constant encouragement throughout the workshop along with other facilitators like Patricia Schlicht.Thank you for your continued support to raise us to higher levels of competency .I would like to actively participate in the coming sessions and to attain wikibuddy certificate during  this workshop.Thanks again .Your Wikineighbour .Balqis 

Balqis Thaahaveettil (talk)22:18, 4 October 2011