Theme-based cultural programme

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Theme based cultural programmes

A cultural activity was the most important, entertaining and most enjoyful part of our WWC camp. Cultural activities were done for giving some moral values to the villagers. The most beautiful thing of this programme was that the villagers also willingly participated.

  • 1st Day (17 March, 2010)


On 17-03-2010 our cultural programmes were started at 3.30pm with wonderful anchoring done by Seema Yadav. The first programme is presented by “Yogita” of B. Sc. B. Ed. IV sem. was a solo song. The second item was skit which was performed by Ankita and her group named as importance of education.

After that programme was presented by the “Sarika and Jyoti” of B. Sc B. Ed 4th Sem. In this children were also participated enthusiastically. The children sang song, recited poems and done acting also .One group dance was presented by “Kavita and group” called “Rut aa gayi re, rut cha gayi re”and with another group song is presented by B. Sc. B. Ed. IV sem. named “hule- hulare” which is one of the Punjabi songs. Our programmes attracted the villagers and peoples of villages came to see the programme very enthusiastically.

  • 2nd Day (18 March, 2010)


After the successful programme on the first day of working with community, we were ready with more cultural items. The programme is started with anchoring of Sarika and Ruchi. The first programme was group song named. “Juki-juki jumat chali ra badariya” sung by Yogita and her group. The next programme was skit based on the not to be superstition.

After that the programme is taken over by the Shailja and Ruchi. ‘Tarannum’ of B. Sc. B. Ed. IV sem. presented a solo song i.e. “Dekho inhe ye hain oss ki bundein”. Archna of B.Ed. II year presented the solo song “Sawan ka mahina pawan kare shor.” Next item was the group dance presented by the “Anuradha and her group” i.e. “Dhol bajne laga”. After that the item is presented by the B. Sc. B. Ed. IV sem. named “Ali mora agna” .The people of villagers also participated enthusiastically.

  • 3rd Day (19 March, 2010)


This was the last day of us in the village “Lasudiya Parihar”. We have almost succeeded in accompanying many of the villagers to cope up with us. Many villagers even the ladies came out of their houses to watch the program and they enjoyed the program too. They also paid proper attention to the messages conveyed by us to them. The program was firstly initiated by “Yogesh Punia”. First program was a solo song by ‘Yogita’ of B. Sc. B. Ed. IV sem. i.e. “Madhuban khushbu deta hai”. A solo song was presented by ‘Kiran’ of B. Sc. B. Ed. IV sem. Then, the program was again upgraded by “Archna and Saroj” of ‘B.Ed. I Ind year’. A skit was presented by “Rajmani and group” based on “Naari shiksha”. Many children also participated by singing song and reciting poetry. One solo song was presented by “Archna” of “B.Ed. IInd year” i.e. “Awara bhanwre jo haule haule gaaein”. A magic was presented by “Girjesh and group” of “B.Ed. IInd Year”. Then the program was handed over to “Deepti and Jamuna” of “B.Ed. IInd year”. A dance was presented by B. Sc. B. Ed. IV sem. girls i.e. “Ali more angna”. Then, a Punjabi dance was presented by “B.Ed IInd Year” girls i.e. “Punjabi mix”.


In between our Dean of Instructions Prof. M N Bapat with his group consisting of Dr. S K Gupta, Head DE, Dr. U. Lakshminarayana, Reader, Dr. Ratnamala Arya, Sr. Lecturer also came to the village to meet us. Sanjay sir had delivered a summary report of the 4 days WWC programme. “Bapat sir” has delivered a speech in front of the villagers to upgrade their level. He also congratulated our co-ordinater Sanjay Kumar Pandagle for his best performance in the camp. Dr. SK Gupta sir had also delivered a speech for the betterment of the villagers and us. Lastly a Group dance was presented by B. Sc. B. Ed. IV sem. girls i.e. “Komadi dance”. This was the last presentation of our Cultural activities. We tried ourselves a lot to involve the villagers with us in our work and till the last day we succeeded in that work.

We enjoyed the camp a lot. Those days were the memorable day of our life which we can’t forget in our life.