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Remember that great lecture?

We have all had the experience of looking forward to a lecture on a topic that we are really interested in... only to find that it was boring and turned us off completely. Sometimes, it's the opposite - what we thought was a dull subject comes to life in an engaging lecture. What's the difference?

Annie talking to a class in Kerala.

Some students think that a lecture should simply be good education, while others enjoy a lecture as entertainment. When planning a lecture, is it more important to know the subject matter intimately, or to present it clearly? Should the lecture be well organised in advance, or would it be better if the presenter was more flexible?

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Read the article Teaching10.pdf by Mark Sutcliffe on what makes a good lecture.

Can you remember attending such a lecture? Do you think Dr. Sutcliffe has missed any points that would be important to you? Post your thoughts on our Moodle forum, and include a link to at least one more article that may add to our discussion on this topic.