Tertiary teaching in New Zealand

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Hello and welcome to this course on Tertiary Teaching in New Zealand. This course is designed for International students who are intending to complete the Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education. It will give you an understanding of the context of teaching in New Zealand Universities, Polytechnics and Private Training providers, and you will be encouraged to compare and contrast this with tertiary education in your home country.

The general issues of cultural awareness in education will be addressed, and the practices of blended and online learning skills will be used.

Enjoy your study, especially the connections with teachers and other students!


Course identifiers

Elective course Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education
Level 5
Credits 15
Learning hours 150
Prerequisites none
Enrolment status Online registration coming soon
Developed by OP Online
Formal assessment services OP Online

Indicative fee for credentialing: NZ$tba


Key resources

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Read the getting started page to register and familiarise yourself with our learning environment.
Course guide Introduction, study schedule and assessment
StudyDesk Websites for accessing your course materials and learning activities
ask.OERu.org Community-based question and answer forum for OERu and TTNZ


Course Description

The aims of this course are:

  • To engage in an introductory exploration of the role and understandings of a tertiary educator in New Zealand and compare/contrast with tertiary education in the participant’s home country.
  • To begin to explore the relevance of cultural awareness to the tertiary educator’s role.
  • To commence an exploration of the expectations of a tertiary educator from an institutional/organisational perspective and requirements from that role such as reflective practice, self-evaluation and digital literacy.