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What is "ako"?

Have another look at the N.Z. Ministry of Education's website explaining the Maori term ako.
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Although this site is focussed on the teaching of Maori language, the principles of reciprocity apply to all learning. 

In this photograph, who will be the learner?

Read this journal article by Neil Haigh. I'm sure that you will agree with Neil's suggestions for support of tertiary teachers. This article was written in 2006, just as an organisation called Ako Aotearoa was being set up to promote excellence in tertiary education in New Zealand. Seven years later, we could ask whether this organisation is meeting these goals. Have a look at the Ako Aotearoa website and see what you think.

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Post your thoughts on our Moodle forum, and include a link to at least three resources on the Ako Aotearoa website which you think would be useful to a tertiary teacher. For each one explain why you think it could be helpful, and who would gain the most from it - an experienced teacher, or perhaps a novice?