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Learner engagement

Sometimes the topic of a learning session is so interesting that the teacher does not have to make much effort to engage students. Some people find Einstein's Theory of Relativity
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fascinating! Look at a few minutes of this video to see a great lecturer at work. On the other hand, here is a video of a great teacher. You may see some differences in student engagement here.

“Engagement is seen to comprise active and collaborative learning, participation in challenging academic activities, formative communication with academic staff, involvement in enriching educational experiences, and feeling legitimated and supported by university learning communities”1

When students are angaged and interested in the topic and medium of learning, the teacher's job is easy. An excellent discussion of these concepts can be found at this blog.

1Coates, H. (2007). A model of online and general campus-based student engagement. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 32(2), 121-141.

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In a short (about 200 words) text document, compare the teaching styles of the two people in the videos linked above. Make sure that you address the following points:

1. Audience awareness

2. Body language and eye contact

3. Enthusiasm

4. Knowledge of topic

5. Activities involving learners.

Post your document to the Assignment upload section in Moodle.