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Are we really in charge of our own Learning ?

Every individual is different from another in many ways. However we human beings start our learning almost in a similar manner which we call imitation but from with the passage of time our learning styles and preferences change.
We all know that our life span is divided into four main stages - Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence and Adulthood. Infancy and childhood stages are when the learner is very much dependent on teachers and parents. But gradually while moving towards adolescence he starts taking his own initiatives in various activities which actually helps teachers and parents to know about his interests, learning styles and preferences.   
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Actually our learning is very much affected by the environment, the people around us. Our family, friends, relatives, teachers, mass media and employment opportunities always play a great role not only in how we learn but also what we learn. Look at this video.  However it may not be true in all cases.
Sometimes inspiration and motivation from others also change our lives.That inspiration can be from your father, mother, family friend, teacher or from yourself. But directing your own education is a very courageous act to do and not all manage to do it. It needs lots of effort, passion and above all strong determination. It may also mean breaking some rules, annoying some people at the initial stage but later when you will achieve what you have decided then definitely you will get appreciation from them.The best way to direct your education is to ask these questions to yourself: Who am I ? What do I love to do? Where am I going? Also ask these questions to your friends, parents and teacher.Their opinion is important but don't let their answers control your decisions. Choose your goal and be in charge of your own learning.

Now, Why we learn and how we learn? are again good questions to answer. Do we learn only for our parents because they have spent a huge amount of money on our studies? Do we learn what teachers teach us and want us to learn in their way? Do we learn only when somebody is around and keeping an eye on us or do we learn because we really want to learn regardless of how good or bad the teacher is or there is no teacher at all ? How we can manage to plan, monitor and control our learning and behaviour and what is self regulated learning ? Read this wonderful article to help answering these questions. 

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Each one of you might have a strong reason or inspiration behind selection of your career and learning. Whose inspiration or which reason has really changed the scenario of your life and how? Share your story with all of us and post it on our Moodle forum.