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Project 1

Project 2 Tables

Test Category Collapsible Table!
Template:Featured Cuisine/January
Left Column Center Column Right Column
1 Add content here add content here
2 Add content here Add content here
3 Add content here Add content here
4 Add content here Add content here
5 Add content here Add content here
6 Add content here Add content here
7 Add content here Add content here

Project 3 Math Tags

Math Tags

[math] \operatorname{erfc}(x) = \frac{2}{\sqrt{\pi}} \int_x^{\infty} e^{-t^2}\,dt = \frac{e^{-x^2}}{x\sqrt{\pi}}\sum_{n=0}^\infty (-1)^n \frac{(2n)!}{n!(2x)^{2n}}[/math]

Project 4 Pedagogical Templates

Icon qmark.gif

Test Your Culinary Knowledge


1. Which of the following is not a Grand Sauce?

(a) Demi-Glaces
Incorrect Demi-Glaces are considered one of the 5 Grand Sauces
(b) Bechamel
Incorrect Bechamel are considered one of the 5 Grand Sauces
(c) Espagnole
Absolutely Correct! Espagnole is not one of the 5 Grand Sauces. It is a child Sauce from the Demi-Glaces family.
(d) Hollandaise
Incorrect Hollandaise are considered one of the 5 Grand Sauces

2. To boil a small quantity of wine, stock, or other liquid with the cooking juices of a roasted or sauteed item to make a sauce is to?.

(a) pincer
Incorrect, Deglazing can be done with wine, stock, alcohol and many other liquids.
(b) de glazes
Absolutely Correct!, Deglazing can be done with wine, stock, alcohol and many other liquids.
(c) slurry
Incorrect, Deglazing can be done with wine, stock, alcohol and many other liquids.
(d) degraisser
Incorrect, Deglazing can be done with wine, stock, alcohol and many other liquids.

Your score is 0 / 0

Project 4 Menus

Using Template:TopicsWithSubpages

This Navigational template may be useful for complex content that has a hierarchical structure to it such as:

Topic 1
         section 1
         section 2
Topic 2
         section 1
         section 2

When inserted into a page it might look something like this:

For another example of the template in action see the pages of Using Audacity.

(For a simpler template suitable for WikiEducator projects see: Template:ProjectNav.)


|state =
|title =
|image =
|above =

|topic1 =
|section1 =

|topic2 =
|section2 =

|topic3 =
|section3 =

|below =


The template has the following variables:

state = can be either left blank, or collapsed or plain can be entered here. Blank (ie. nothing entered) is the default and will provide the user with a way to collapse the navigation template with a show/hide link; collapsed will default the navigation template into the collapsed or closed state; and plain removes the show/hide option all together.

title = This is the title of the resource. Can be left blank.

image = You can include an image or logo to display in the template. Uses normal wiki image syntax.

above = Text to go in the header cell of the template. In the above example the text: "Test of a Navigation Template with Topics and Sections" is here.

topic1 = this would be a link to your first Topic.

section1 = this may be series of links separated by {{Vbar}} of the sections for topic 1.

topic2 = to add new topics increment the number; ie. topic2, topic3.

section2 = sections/pages for the topic2 table cell.

below = text that could go at the bottom of the navigation box.

Automated Creation of TopicWithSubpage Navigation for projects

Instead of copying and pasting all the template syntax into every page of your content, it may be easier to use this form to create a unique navigation template for your all of your content pages. You can then insert this newly created navigation template into each page of your content using a greatly simplified syntax. This also makes it far easier to modify the navigation in a single place (ie, add or subtract pages, etc.) and have changes reflected in all pages rather than having to modify the syntax in every page.


Replace the MyProjectNav text below with the name of your project, something like Template:AccountingBasicsNav and click on the Create New Navigation Template button. You will be taken to a page with further instructions.

Project 5 Collapsible Blocks

Featured Cuisine for January 2023
Template:Featured Cuisine/January

Welcome to my Wikieducator userpage!
I´m an EFL teacher educator and foreign language coordinator at the Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes in Mexico. My educational philosophy is to provide each English language learner with a variety of learning opportunities in order to motivate through practice and reflection. Language acquisition that focuses on the integration of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through a conceptualized learning environment depends on both in-class and out-of-class activities with the dual purpose of achieving curriculum and individual goals. By establishing a student-focused learning environment that is based on the interests, needs, and wants of the learners, the educative experience becomes more engaging and effective for everyone. Integrating technologies provides the necessary affordances that create contextual, conceptual, problem-solving, and project-based learning environments that will better prepare the language learner to fulfill social and professional understandings, knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that collectively extend beyond the classroom.

My research interests include Connective English Language Learnings (CELLs) through the development of curriculum, assessment, and instruction in TESOL. I also manage a website, blog, and Moodle titled Collaborative Understandings.

Calling all EFL/ESL educators...professional development group supports ongoing, open, free, workshop!