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Notes about the changes I made207:30, 28 January 2009

Notes about the changes I made

  • Dr Pooja Baweja has two user accounts: User:Dr. Pooja Baweja and User:Poojabaweja
  • Dr Vaidehi Singh has two user accounts: User:VaidehiSingh and User:SinghVaidehi
  • Richard Mistretta appears twice in the list of participants
  • Shakeel Ahmad appears twice in the list of participants
  • Aminat Showole appears twice in the list of participants
  • I added one more participant: Mary Williams who appeared in the history revision 15:34 29 Dic 2008 near Colin Hill (who removed all the page content by accident)
Chela5808 (talk)03:53, 28 January 2009

Many thanks, Gladys. Great help. Let them do the rest, so our participants learn how to deal with these things. Yes, you are right, I saw some duplications last night. Mary Williams cannot take the course right now, that's why I removed her. I will check for duplications again. Some have registered twice and three times. have already deleted some duplication but haven't gotten around to doing the rest. Will do shortly. Thanks so much for your help. Warmest, Patricia

Pschlicht (talk)07:22, 28 January 2009

My pleasure Patricia,

I am now going back to my beloved mathematics world :)


Chela5808 (talk)07:30, 28 January 2009