Sustainable Tourism Practices/The complexity and challenge of sustainable tourism/Responsible Tourism

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Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa

Image courtesy of paularps

Responsible Tourism Activity

Identify and analyse a responsible tourism operation

Task Guidelines

Complete this task in four stages:

1. Select a tourism sector: accommodation / hospitality / transport / attractions

2. Find two organisations/businesses for each sector:

  • one which operates nationally and one which operates internationally
  • has some link with "green", "responsible" or "sustainability"
  • describe their operation
  • do they have a vision or mission statement?
  • who is their market

3. Examine their marketing strategy

  • does it incorporate a drive for sustainability

4. Would you nominate them for a Responsible Tourism Award - why/why not? eg. look at supporting resources link below

Put your findings into a slideshow (4 slides) and be willing to present them for discussion in class and

Supporting Resources