Specifications for multimedia development

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Points for disussion

  1. Multimedia for contents to be embedded in the modules being developed on Wikieducator?
  2. Multimedia based content development for offline delivery?
  3. Multimedia or interactive multimedia or both or multiple media?

In case of 1 above

  • Selection of content components that require multimedia or interactive multimedia
  • Is it individual or group decision?
  • In either decision, script will be required. Can it be template driven?
i.e. visualising multimedia and describing it through text, e.g., connecting hardware components with voice over describing how to do it (complete script is to be generated with two column approach)
  • Based on the scripts, technical support will be required. Can this support be centrally located or it could be decentralized?

In case of 2 above

  • An interactive multimedia CD can be created.
  • Software issues?


A suggestive model for multimedia development

  • Module based script writing for multimedia by the module developers.
  • Editing, Vetting and compilation of complete script by one of the team members
  • Review of the complete script by the team (emphasis on self developed components will be required)
  • Identification of a central node to develop Multimedia
  • Alpha version of CBT will be tested and reviewed by the central node
  • Beta version will seek review by all the members
  • Final version will be created
  • Master CD can be provided to the user institutes with right to multiply as per their requirements.

Initial ideas for multimedia development