Specifications for multimedia development/MM Module 4

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  • Introduction to the whole module, using a talking head, to complement but not duplicate Module Overview. Introduction will also attempt to take on board learner attributes that can impact level and quality of their engagement with the module.
  • Icon/symbol to be used throughout the module at those points when learner is required to perform a specific procedure that was previously explained/discussed. In addition to alerting learners to the fact that they are required to do something now, its design should assist in re-focusing attention, if concentration is waning; encouraging 'stick-to-it-iveness', if learner is having difficulty. While it will be a static graphic, it would help if there is some movement at intervals.
  • A series of still graphics with accompanying text in balloons to reinforce complex and/or challenging operations that are already described verbally, but for which the verbal explanation only may not be adequate. Screenshots not adequate here. E.g. Which rows to highlight when inserting new rows; where to position cursor to resize column width etc.
  • Short video presentation to serve as stimulus for main assignment.