Specifications for multimedia development/MM Module 5

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  1. create MP3 discussing how the small school scenario is decomposed into entities.
    1. suggest reading the scenario before listening to the MP3
    2. suggest identifying high level entities before listening to the MP3
  2. create video showing the development of the ER diagram based upon the identified entities from previous MP3
    1. video should also include designing fully attributed tables from ER diagram
  3. create video of creating tables within OO Base
    1. create tables
    2. fully attribute with mandatory fields
    3. create relationships
    4. create a view of joined tables
  4. create video of building a form for data entry
    1. add some records, show some data integrity errors
    2. show master detail in one to many form
  5. show video of creating reports
    1. table based report
    2. view based report