Social Constructivism Assessment

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The purpose of this wiki is to allow users to deepen their understanding of normal practice, theoretical aims, and issues surrounding assessment and social constructivism.
Target audience: Primary to tertiary level educators

Over the last few decades, there have been waves of assessment reform around the world. In many countries, this reform is embarked on with a strong emphasis on an Assessment for Learning agenda which is closely related to the social constructivist perspective on learning and assessment.

In this wiki, we will focus on the assessment of social constructivism learning. The questions we invite you to explore with us include:
1. What is learning and assessment in the social constructivism perspective?
2. How is social constructivist learning measured in current school practice?
3. How might it be measured in context?
4. What are the controversy and the global relevance of it?
5. What is our recommendation about employing the approach of social constructivism assessment to enhance teaching and learning?