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A brief note before your weekend

Kia ora everyone.

Greetings from New Zealand (and somewhere in the sky). Niki is transiting back to New Zealand after her visit to the University of Oxford as a visiting scholar.

Just a quick reminder to our SP4Ed 13.05 participants to share their uncertainties and cast your votes. The intention is to generate a list of uncertainties from our group using the Questionstorm activity. We are trialling a new technology which will enable voting on the list of uncertainties submitted by participants and appreciate your help in testing the technology (as well as your understanding if this doesn't work according to plan ;-)).

We have purposefully scheduled this session over the weekend and added an extra day for Session 4 to accommodate voting. Visit the voting page regularly to cast your votes.

Looking forward to see which uncertainties we have identified will "bubble" to the top of the list.

In closing, you can view the responses from the new participant survey. If you haven't had a chance to complete this yet, you can still complete the short survey online. This data is extremely useful in planning open education futures.

Have a great weekend!

Your facilitators
Niki and Wayne