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Getting started with PowerPoint

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  • Work through the tutorial on Setting Up Your PowerPoint Environment

Make sure you view the video included in the tutorial.

Understanding the Ribbon in PowerPoint

PowerPoint has a central ribbon of tools that you are able to access on various Tabs. On each Tab are tools shown in Groups.

Note: these screenshots show the 2007 ribbon. Other versions (eg 2010) may differ slightly but the function are very similar.


Some tools displayed on the ribbon have dialog box launchers which open dialog boxes which give you more options for making different settings:


Other tools on the ribbon can display drop-down galleries:


The Tabs

Home Tab

Clip Board Group 
Copy and Paste Options, Format Painter and Clipboard
Slides Group 
Choose the layout of slides or add or remove slides
Fonts Group 
Apply formatting to text
Paragraph Group 
Format numbering and bullets, adjust line spacing, add columns and align text
Drawing Group 
Insert and format shapes
Editing Group 
Find and Replace tool and selecting text and object

Insert Tab

Tables Group 
Insert Tables
Illustrations Group 
Insert images, shapes and charts
Links Group 
Insert Hyperlinks and apply action buttons
Text Group 
Insert textboxes, Header and Footers, Date and Time fields, Slide numbers and insert other files
Media Clips Group
Insert Movies and Sounds

Design Tab

Page Setup Group
Set margins and orientation
Themes Group
Apply themes to presentations
Background Group
Create and format backgrounds

Animation Tab

Preview Group
Preview animations and slide transitions
Animations Group
Apply animations or create your own
Transitions to This Slide Group
Apply and format transitions to each slide or whole presentation

Slideshow Tab

Start Slide Show Group
Run presentation from beginning or current slide
Set Up Group
Add narration and rehearse presentation timings
Monitors Group
Adjust the resolution of your presentation for display on other monitors or projectors

Review Tab

Proofing Group
Spelling and Grammar checks, thesaurus tool
Comments Group
Add comments to your presentation, these will not appear in the final presentation
Protect Group
Restrict how people can access the presentation

View Tab

Presentation Views Group
Variety of ways to view your presentation
Show/Hide Group
Add and remove ruler and gridlines
Zoom Group
Zoom in and out on your screen
Colour/Grayscale Group
Set your presentation to colour, grayscale and black and white
Window Group
Work with more than one window open at a time
Macros Group
Insert macros


Extra resources

Please note: the following links will open in a new window/tab. When you have finished, simply close the window/tab and you'll return to this page.

  • PowerPoint 2010: Create Presentation (YouTube)
  • PowerPoint 2010: Environment & Ribbon (YouTube)