Preamble for the Libre Puro License

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Libre Puro resources may be adapted and incorporated into existing resources which have a copyleft/share-alike libre license.

The Libre Puro License aims to inspire production of libre resources guaranteed to be accessible and adaptable with libre software, and which retain the associated freedoms in derived works.

The license decouples abuses of information/ knowledge/ cultural resources from the act of making copies and derived works, and does not require attribution. There is no requirement to maintain a tree of attributions for the libre puro components. The moral imperative to attribute the work rests with the user according to context. For example, in academic circles, authors acknowledge even public domain sources, whereas children mixing and sharing video clips for fun cannot be criminalised for doing so (even without attribution) if they are using libre resources. Abuses (such as plagiarism or mis-representation) may be dealt with via other processes than copyright (e.g. other legal, social, or institutional pressures covering fair dealing or fair use rights, moral rights, publicity or privacy rights, etc.).

Although the Libre Puro license does not require Attribution, acknowledgement of contributors is encouraged when appropriate.

Libre puro resources are multi-licensed:

users are free to make derived works and release these under any license which grants users all of the freedoms specified in the Libre Knowledge definition. The freedom to:
(0) use the work for any purpose
(1) study its mechanisms, to be able to modify and adapt it to their own needs
(2) make and distribute copies, in whole or in part
(3) enhance and/or extend the work and share the result.

The Libre Puro License incorporates a more flexible variation of share-alike: "Libre Share", which permits derived works and mixes to be licensed under other compatible licenses which grant users the freedoms indicated in the libre knowledge definition and require these be retained in derived works.

The following are examples of libre puro compatible licenses:

If the result of mixing resources cannot be released under this Libre Puro License, it will be necessary to drop the libre puro license indicator and abide by the requirements of the new license. This is relevant when one or more of the components of a mix requires Attribution for example.

Libre puro communities collaboratively develop libre puro resources using libre puro resources[1], and label the results with the Libre Puro emblem expressing our values and intention for the resources and their derivatives to remain libre.

For resources which take the form of network services, the software running the service must be libre software which is libre puro compatible (e.g. released under a license such as the GNU Affero General Public License), and any underlying data essential for running the software (with respect for users' privacy) must be available under a libre puro compatible license, and it must be possible for users to export their own contributed data for checking purposes and for use elsewhere.

  1. Including libre knowledge resources and libre software.