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DECP 05: Developing e-Content

e-Learning in broader way

Easy Now by CEMCA

EasyNow is a select set of easily available open source ICT tools that can be easily learned and utilized by the content developers to produce quality materials suitable for open and distance learning on the world wide web. It integrates use of multiple media like text, audio and video tools that allows for inexpensive roduction and quick upload by the developers. These tools have been collated by Mr. V. Krishnamoorthy, a consultant Commonwealth Education and Media Center for Asia (CEMCA).
Teachers use vast and rich resources for their own classroom teaching, but this material is lost to other. This is of particular significance when we consider the huge pool of very senior and may be retired teachers. Who have vast experience but have no means to share what they have learnt beyond their immediate circle. It would be very empowering if teachers can be taught how to:

• Adapt materials to distance learning,
• Enrich content with audio, video add-ons
• Supplement the contents with quizzes, question banks
• Incorporate self assessment tools
• Collate the materials to make a package, and
• Prepare it for distribution etc.

The aim of easy now is to help in easy and cost-effective production of quality materials in multiple formats that can be disseminated using CD’s to far flung areas where the chief problem is the availability of good educational opportunities. These ares may lack good quality of teaching unless teachers have access to the vast expanding knowledge base. The availability of well-made and easy to use IC integrated multiple media materials created using EasyNow can play a major role in these areas.
The broad aim of EasyNow is to enlarge the scope of learning methods by enabling diverse modes of content-presentation that allow use of innovative learning strategies. The specific aim of EasyNow is to assist enthusiastic and dynamic academics take up the job of producing quality e-Learning materials that would help them gain academic leadership and may also provide them better job opportunities.

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