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DECP 05: Developing e-Content

e-Learning in broader way

Easy Now by CEMCA

Understanding ODL using Multiple Media
Open and distance learning has been used since long for extending the realm of teaching-learning beyond the scope of direct contact students. With the current availability of ICT tools it is imperative that new materials are created that incorporate these tools to make teaching-learning materials more effective. ODL teachers need to be trained in:

Selecting various admixtures of learner-teacher and learner-teacher activites

* Assessing students’ level of learning
* Choosing situations and illustrations that are appropriate to the learners, and
* Applying methods of diversifying types of presentation of the course content.

The basic components needed for any media related software are three: Text, audio and video.

What can be achieved through EASYNOW
* Classroom teachings can be converted into multimedia lessons,
* The multimedia lessons can be made professionally in a studio,
* Textual materials can be prepared for open distance learning.

Multiple mode of delivery - EasyNow

There are many delivery options that are available for educational material. These may be collectively called as “Multiple Modes” of delivery. The major ones are:

Print media Delivery – Print media use to be delivered traditionally through books. Many better options are now available due to cheapness and further development in electronic media based delivery modes. The PDF formats, eBook formats, flick readers are all creating revolutions in a big way. One can copy reading material from any source i.e. internet, reading material dispensing Kiosks and read them through the eBook reading device.

Audio Media Delivery – Audio media deliveries also have undergone phenomenal changes. From tapes, LPs and EPs now there are CDs and flash/pen drives. Mass media like radio, internet site based deliveries and internet net radios have become common and affordable delivery modes. MP3 compressed formats definitions made these technologies flourish in a big way.

Audio/Video Media Delivery – Video deliveries that were traditionally distributed through Films, then through Tapes and DVDs know being distributed through DVDs, CDs. Apart from mass media based delivery like TVs, through direct home dishes and cables mobile phones and internet deliveries are becoming quite popular. Compressed videos can also be delivered through Flash/Pen drive as high capacity drives (16Gb/32Gb) are readily available in the market.

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