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The Sixth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning (PCF6)

About PCF6

The Sixth Pan- Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning (PCF6) will take place during 24- 28 November 2010 at Le-Meridien, Cochin Resort & Convention Centre Kochi, Kerala, India.

The theme of PCF6 is: Access and Success in Learning: Global Development Perspectives.

PCF6 as an international conference will explore the contribution of open and distance learning to international development goals, by opening up access to learning at every level. The Forum brings together practitioners, researchers, planners and policy makers in the fields of open and distance learning and development from over 70 countries. It provides opportunities to share experience and expertise, and to contribute to future policy and provision. Participants will represent the main Commonwealth, Asia and international institutions and agencies active in the field, including funding bodies and technology providers.

The Commonwealth of Learning’s biennial Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning has grown to become a leading international conference on learning and development.PCF6 brings the forum to India for the first time, jointly organized by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), coinciding with the completion of 25 years of IGNOU.

Conference Papers

Conference papers are available by theme through the tabs at the top of this page.

Conference Themes

PCF6 aims to consider what ODL has done and still can do in terms of success, rather than simple access that can provide opportunities to millions of people of all ages and diverse backgrounds, particularly from developing countries. Gender, disabilities, social, economic and cultural diversities and skills development play a key role in ensuring quality as well as success and, thereby, social justice through ODL policies and practices.

PCF6 has four main themes, all grouped under the overarching theme of ‘Access and Success: Global Developmental Perspectives'. Four main themes will have a number of sub-themes or topics as follows:

Theme 1 - Social Justice

  • Access to Justice: Life, Liberty & Livelihood
  • Scaling up Quality Education for All
  • Education & Employment of Persons with Disabilities
  • Assistive and Affordable Technologies

Theme 2 - Community Development

  • Community based Learning and Outreach
  • Open Education Resources: Models to Choose Adopt and Adapt
  • Innovative Pathways to Knowledge Society

Theme 3 - Skills Development

  • Skills Development for National Development
  • Global Development Discourses; North-South Dialogues
  • Regional Cooperation: Who can benefit from whom?

Theme 4 - Formal Education

  • Revamping Teacher Education
  • Open Schooling
  • Technologies for Scaling up ODL programmes
  • Quality Issues

Further you can visit PCF6 website: